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Dlux Pro Extreme Pro S Adhesive for Eyelash Extensions

Dlux Pro S Eyelash Extension Adhesive has low fume, strong bonding power, ideal attachment speed.  It is our best selling adhesive. It is ideal for most lash artists who prefer a reasonable time for positioning. Ideal for both Classic and Volume Lash Extension.  Remember ladies to shake your adhesive before each use!

Drying time: 1-2 seconds
Skill level: Advanced
Fume: Low
Color: Black
Consistency: Thin
Hold up time: 7-8 weeks
Size:  5ml & 10ml
Origin: Made in Korea
Optimal Humidity: 45-60%

do not store in fridge or freezer after opening

Adhesive Disclaimer:

When starting with a new adhesive there is a learning curve. Not all adhesives behave the same and should not be treated the same. Even the most experienced technician will have to learn how to work with any new adhesive they encounter. Retention issues are usually the result of technicians failing to use the product correctly or not using enough. With adhesives of a thinner consistency it is recommended to use more adhesive. A small bead should be seen at the bottom of the classic lash.  Please always use a Hygrometer in your lash room to ensure humidity requirements are met. Temperature and humidity will both cause retention issues.

There are ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS and NO REFUNDS on open adhesive.

To avoid any irritation:
Clients must keep their eyes closed throughout the entire application process.
Dry clients lashes with a fan for a few minutes following application or till lashes are completely dry before allowing your clients to open eyes.
Use this product with extreme care. The adhesive should never have contact with clients skin and eyes.  We sell to professionals only!
Use on clients only. Never try to apply eyelash extensions by yourself.
Close cap tight after each usage.


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