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Linea Especializada en el  remedio especial para cabellos desfibrados, desgastados y atónicos. Gracias al colágeno y a las vitaminas de fruta, reacondiciona y regenera el tallo en profundidad, renovando su vitalidad y belleza


It does NOT use carcinogenic surfactants (SLES and SLS). ..
Its cleansing formula is rich in natural active principles. ..
Wide range of specific products for all hair types. ..
Products that do NOT irritate your cutis and skin. ..
Products that do not damage the hair follicle, unlike other shampoos, even in case of long-term and frequent use. Products that maintain the balance of the acid mantle’s hydro-lipid system. ..
Products that do NOT alter the natural and correct pH balance of your cutis and skin.



Shampoo 1000 ML

Mascarilla 1000 ML

Leav-in Anti Frizz 200ML

Cristal Anti Frizz  75ML

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