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Chemotherapy Skin Care Products

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Chemotherapy takes a toll on your body – especially your skin.  If you’re currently experiencing a specific skin issue such as a face rash or radiation burn, Lindi Skin’s line of chemotherapy skin care products can help. If you have a specific problem area, please click on Shop > By Skin Issue to find the best product for your unique need.

If you are just starting chemotherapy or looking for preventative skincare, please read below.

Three of the most common skin-related side effects from chemotherapy are dry and itchy skin, face rashes, and sore or dry hands and feet. Lindi Skin offers a full line of chemotherapy skin care products that can help you care for each of these problems quickly and easily. In fact, nothing helps soothe dry and itchy skin like our Body Lotion. Or, if you’re suffering from post-treatment face rash, then try our Face Serum and get the relief you’re looking for. We also carry a Soothing Balm for dry hands and feet, a Face Moisturizer, an Eye Hydrator, a Lip Balm, and more. At Lindi Skin, we have everything you need for your skin-restoring regimen. You can purchase these products separately below or as part of one of our money-saving collections.

Lindi Lavender Face Serum

Formulated with the highest concentration of our proprietary LSA Complex ®, replete with botanicals, antioxidants and vitamins, this serum provides beneficial moisture and ultimate comfort to compromised skin on the face, neck, chest, back and scalp. The unique non-oily formula glides on silky-smooth and begins restoring immediately. The Serum has been clinically proven to reduce the facial rash, redness and itching that are a common side-effect of some types of chemotherapy.  It’s gentle soothing nutrients also make it great for anyone who wants healthy skin.Try both Lindi Face Serums—refreshingly light botanical essences of citrus or lavender.


  • 1 fl oz / 30 ml
  • Should last approximately 1 month with normal use

Lindi Body Lotion

This skin-quenching lotion delivers a combination of antioxidants and hydrating ingredients that nourish the skin while reinforcing its natural barrier to prevent moisture loss. Light, refreshing and luxurious, Lindi Body Lotion is superb for all-over, everyday use. Best applied to wet or damp skin, right out of the shower.


Lindi Soothing Balm

Originally formulated for dry, cracked hands and feet, this highly emollient lotion is perfect for any intensely dehydrated areas of the skin.

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