• HYDRA PEARLS replenishing oil

    Made up of exotic oils from nature’s richest nuts and most nourishing plants, Hydra Pearls are power doses of Drops of the Amazon™, offering an efficient hydrating system that seals in moisture, effectively rejuvenates hair and revives skin.

  • US$30.00

    MOISTURE RICH sulfate-free conditioner 10.1 onz

    • No Sulfates No Phthalates

    A 100% vegan and gluten-free conditioner comprised of oil extracted from some of the richest nuts in the world. NEVO Moisture Rich Conditioner strengthens hair from the inner-cortex to the outer surface (or cuticle surface)

  • US$30.00

    MOISTURE RICH sulfate-free shampoo 10.1 onz

    Elevated Levels of Babassu Oil:Comprised of 70% natural lipids Reinstates and amplifies hair's natural lipid layer Provides a smooth, healthy-looking surface

  • Nevo :60 SECOND deep treatment

    Weekly treatment Formulated with natural polymers to drive strength from Quinoa and Soy Proteins and moisture from the Drops of the Amazon™ deep to the interior of the hair strand, rejuvenating hair from the inside out in 60 second.

  • US$30.00

    NEVO COLOR LOCK leave-in treatment 10.1 Onz

    leave-in No Sulfates No Phthalates Color Protecting Complex:The complex binds moisture to damaged areas of hair, leaving it smooth and healthy. Forms a film around strands to control frizz and lock hair color in.

  • US$27.00

    Nevo intense therapy leave-in treatment

    Leave-In Treatmen Provides deep hydration

  • US$60.00

    Nevo Shampo Moisture rich 33 onz sulfate-free

    • No Sulfates No Phthalates